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Latest Rankings


Final Commonwealth Rankings For 2018


Please Note: Competitions using the new bodyweights from Nov 2018 will be used in the first rankings of 2019


2018 Final Scottish Rankings Male Dec 8th

2018 Final Scottish Rankings Female 8th Dec

2018 Scottish Development Cup Ranking Lists U-11 & U-13 Nov 17th


New Bodyweight Records 2019

2019 WLS Male Records as of 9th April 2019

2019 WLS Records Female 15th Mar

2019 WLS Female Masters Records 15th Mar

2019 WLS Male Masters Records 15th Mar


Please Note: It will be down to individual coaches or lifters to make WLS aware that rankings or records may have been changed or broken in a competition as WLS are not able to obtain all results from around the UK.

All results and records are taken from competitions that are on the BARS system online (BWL website)....if we do not have results of all competitions then we can not put individual results on.........if you have competed in any official BWL\WLS sanctioned competitions and want your ranking or records updated please make sure the competition organiser sends us the official results.



All Records & Rankings Are Updated By Alex Phillips, please Email Alex If Anything Is Incorrect