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Scottish Districts Championships 2016

Thanks to all those who attended the Western District Championships. With 43 lifters, the competition ran on well into the evening and was the biggest Western Districts in living memory. Thanks to all the supporters, organisers, loaders and officials who made the event possible.

Following on from this, the Eastern Districts has 62 entries, which will make this an even longer day. It is certainly the biggest Eastern District Championship we have ever had.

Both these events are now so well supported that the board is having to consider how to handle the increasing numbers for next year.  The options seem to be:
   1 Having a 3rd District (Northern District)
   2 Running the current Western and Eastern District Championships over two days.
   3 Setting a qualification standard for the current Western and Eastern District Championships.

Your feedback on these options, or any other ideas would be much appreciated.

Colin Hannah
General Secretary


International Weightlifting Ferderation Rules & Regulations Booklet

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Eastern Districts Championships 2016

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Weightlifting Scotland Individual Membership Form

Download the above form for individual or unattached memberships......you can save the form (word document) to your computer and then fill it in and reattach the form to an email and send it to the email stated on the form with your photo and your confirmation of payment if paying by bank transfer......if paying by cheque or postal order please send all the forms and cheque to the address on the form and fully filled out or the application will be rejected.

If you take the chance of sending membership applications with cash then Weightlifting Scotland will not be held responsible if your cash goes missing in the post.

Weightlifting Scotland Club Membership Form

The Weightlifting Scotland Board have been working on the new selection policy and procedures for selection to National Squads and competing Internationally for Scotland, these polices are just being finalised and will be published soon.


The Scottish Dev Cup Round 3 entry form is now online in the events section



Contacts for all our registered Weightlifting Scotland Clubs are now on the link to the left


10 Steps To Safeguard Children In Sport




Membership to Weightlifting Scotland

If anyone wishes to start a club in Scotland with Weightlifting Scotland then the forms are above....Please note that 6 people are now required to start up a club and at least 3 of these should be adults ......all the details are on the form that you will require...Please also note that if you do not fulfil all the criteria to start a club then your application will be rejected.

You do not need to be a member of a club to be a member of Weightlifting Scotland....you can apply to be a unattached/individual member and just enter competitions that you are eligble for by way of age group, qualifying totals or residential status.


The events list for 2016 is now online, all of the Scottish competitions have yet to be allocated so if your club wishes to organise any please get in touch with Alex Phillips by completing and sending the form below.

The form below is for anyone wishing to run any weightlifting competitions on behalf of Weightlifting Scotland.

If you want to apply to hold any of our competitions in 2016 then please look at our Calendar of Events and decide which Scottish event you would like to run and then apply with the form by clicking here.

Please Note: if any club runs any competition without the consent of Weightlifting Scotland then your results and any records that may be broken will not be sanctioned by us and they will also not be included on any rankings so please always apply to us using the above form to run your competition whether it is just a club comp or University comp etc.


Scottish Masters Open - Sat 8th Aug 2015


New Ranking Lists and records are now online...click on the link to the left.

Lots of new lifters, Lots of new record turnouts for all competitions this year so far...medals and European Titles from the European Masters.....Medals from the British Senior Championships with lots of new bests from lifters.

Well Done to the clubs and coaches for the continuing improvement of both established and new lifters under their care


WLS T-Shirts & Zoodies

Weightlifting Scotland now have T-Shirts and Zoodies for sale, if you would like to purchase anything please see the Clothing Link on the left